Google’s New Universal Analytics Now Open To All, Enables Cross-Channel Measurement

It’s no surprise that consumers today are using multiple devices to surf the web and interact in a variety of ways, your business included. With a massive amount of data available to the majority of large businesses, it has been an enormous challenge to transform that data into information, into something that can be used strategically. However, this is also an incredible opportunity.

Measurement online has evolved from technology that would simply count site traffic and is now moving towards a more complete solution that can help measure your advertising effectiveness, sales, product behaviour, support, and customer retention. A complete, integrated measurement solution can ultimately help you deliver the best service possible, to help shape and refine your products, and ultimately, and here’s the real value, to create the best experience possible for your customer.

As we know, Google likes developing solutions, especially when it relates directly to the organization of data and information. Back in October Google announced a limited beta release of a new product called “Universal Analytics”, which was designed to help businesses understand the ever changing, multi-device customer journey.

Ultimately, this product would allow businesses to tailor Google Analytics to their needs, including the integration of their own datasets to allow for a more detailed view across the entire marketing funnel. Now, Google is allowing all Google Analytics users to get hands on with Universal Analytics.

Google Analytics - Universal Analytics -

Google Analytics – Universal Analytics Features

There are some very cool tools offered by Universal Analytics through Google’s new Measurement Protocol (which is an API enabling you to send your data directly to Google analytics), tools that can measure how people become and remain loyal customers:

Consumers are using multiple devices Having website data is great, and it’s valuable, however that data alone is no longer sufficient. Many businesses are now seeking a cross platform analytics solution for data tracking. Using the Measurement Protocol, you are now able to seamlessly send your own business and customer data (across any digital device being measured) directly to your Analytics account. This will provide you with insight into how your users are interacting with your brand across multiple touchpoints such as laptops, phones, tablets or more – all in a single location.

Cross-channel measurement is crucial Cross-channel data is in high demand and has become more diverse and important than ever. The Measurement Protocol allows you to sync your own data across a variety of marketing channels, opening doors for  you to discover relationships between channels that can ultimately help you drive more conversions.

A unique solution for your business Websites, apps and campaigns are different. Businesses have different goals and require different insights into how visitors are interacting with digital assets. Universal Analytics allows you to customize metrics that matter most through the integration of your own data, increasing measurability far beyond website visits. Google Analytics can then deliver on these same custom metrics in your ideal reporting format, all based on the customized data provided.

In summary, a few benefits of Universal Analytics are:

  • Insights into how customers are interacting with your business across multiple devices and touch-points
  • Understanding your mobile app performance
  • Integration of offline data to understand which channels deliver the best results, ultimately improving lead generation and ROI
  • Improved on-site latency through the reduction of client-side demands

Getting Started With Universal Analytics

If you haven’t used Google Analyics before, you are able to choose Universal Analytics during the account setup. If you’re already using Google Analytics, create a new web property within your Google Analytics account to check out Universal Analytics and the new features.

Once you create a new web property, you’ll see the screenshot below. Choose the Universal Analytics column to get the new analytics.js code you’ll need to implement on your site:

Google Analytics - Universal Analytics Signup -

When implementing Universal Analytics you have the option of using the new analytics.js JavaScript tracking code for websites, Google’s Android SDKs and iOS for apps, and Google’s new Measurement Protocol for any other platforms.

If you’re interested in additional details regarding Universal Analytics set up, check out Google’s help center or visit their developer guide. Google has advised that migration guides for current properties using ga.js will be coming soon. Until then, you’ll have to set up a new property in your Google Analytics account for Universal Analytics. You can also consider using database as a service for analytics services.

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