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Classes Begin April 1st, 2016

Certification Requirements:

• Complete the 13-module, 26-section coursework
• Complete a series of 13 quizzes with a minimum average score of 70%
• Complete an open book Final Exam with a score of 70% or higher
• Successfully complete a Social Media Marketing Campaign for a client or themselves
• Certified Social Media Marketing Specialist™ CSMMS™ Tuition Options


In the New Media World you can increase your employ-ability and salary or simply become a consultant or outsourcing agent in your own business for the thousands of companies that will need help with their Social Media Marketing and Internet Marketing.

Students who enroll in the 2016 class will also receive:

BONUS: When classes are live online you may also attend a ONE “1 on 1 coaching session” per month with the instructor. (A value of $3,000) But you get it for FREE!

For those students in the South Florida Area:

BONUS: Attend one of the many live WordPress sessions for FREE! (value of $497)
BONUS: Attend one of the any other live sessions for FREE!
(More information will be provided to you once enrolled via email)

Upon completion of the Social Media Marketing Certification course students will be able to understand how to:

  • Effectively create social media campaigns that create positive Return on Investment ROI, increase traffic to
  • client websites, increase traffic flow to client business and/or raise awareness of the client’s brand.
  • Effectively determine which social media marketing tools to use for specific goals and how to implement them.
  • How to adapt to Social Media, New and Local Social Media industry changes in technology and procedures.
  • How to monitor and track results of social media marketing campaigns.
  • Successfully market themselves as Certified Social Media Marketing Specialist